Securing Home Networks

Work safer from home by securing your home network

Since the first lockdown back in March 2020 almost every organisation has had to adopt a work from home policy, meaning the scope for cyber-attack has increased to include employee’s home networks even if a company owned device is used.

If the employee’s router becomes compromised the hacker could analyse the data being sent and received from devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network. This would allow them to be able to acquire account passwords or bank details or even change bank account information in emails, so any future payments go to the attacker’s account. This is called a Man-In-The-Middle attack.

If access is then gained to the device the employee uses to connect to the company network, then potentially the malicious actor could access company data stored either on premise or in the cloud.

One of the simplest ways to protect against this risk is to change the default password on ISP provided routers. These routers are usually shipped out with easy to guess credentials and very frequently appear in online forums and digital device manuals. Changing these default passwords to a complex, more secure password will greatly reduce the chance of the device being compromised.

Therefore, OmniLedger are advising customers that it would be good practice to change your home router password from its default setting as soon as possible.  Your Internet Service provider should be able to advise how to do this.  Working from home whether full or part time is here to stay, and customers need to realise that the scope of their networks has increased accordingly.

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