Hybrid Working Cyber Security

Learn how to keep your business safe anywhere with this free e-book.

Guide to Hybrid Working Cyber Security

Learn how to keep your business safe anywhere, on any device with this free e-book. After months of working from home, restrictions gave now eased, and many businesses have implemented a hybrid work model whereby employees work both in the office and remotely. Hybrid work has many variations, and employees share differing views on what is the right approach to the new workplace, however, one thing is certain, the future of the modern workplace is hybrid.

In this free e-book, you will learn about:

The move to Hybrid Work
Learn about the the future and benefits of hybrid working.

How COVID-19 & Remote Work has affected security
Learn about ransomware attacks, insider threats, phishing and business email compromise attacks.

The security challenges of hybrid working
Learn about employee culture, security behaviour, network boundaries, poor home security, risks involved with bringing your own device and finding the right balance between flexibility and security.

How businesses can stay secure whilst hybrid working
Learn about adding another layer of authentications, implementing virtual desktops or cloud PC’s, protection from Ransomware, Employee Education and identity & access management.

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